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Open Monday to Saturday,

8.30am to 5.00pm


Welcome to The Motorcycle Works Ltd.

The Motorcycle Works Ltd is a new business, born to amalgamate a number of local businesses who have been trading for many years. MHSS1st and TR500 have been around for a long time and from February 2013, will come under the banner of The Motorcycle Works Ltd.

The Motorcycle Works is run by Pete O'Dell, ably assisted by Kyle O'Dell.  Pete started as an apprentice mechanic back in 1965 and he has worked on bikes ever since. Getting on for half a century of experience including being a works race mechanic and building Indy cars, F1 and F3 race cars for a time. Many of the classics we work on today were actually new bikes when Pete first worked on them!

We could tell you how much better, faster and cheaper we are than everyone else, but it's our customers judgement, not ours that ultimately matters.

What we do have is vast experience to put at your disposal for virtually all of your motorcycling needs whether your bike or scooter is modern or a classic machine.

What we always strive to offer is good value, the highest quality and standards of workmanship and sound no-nonsense advice.