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Open Monday to Saturday,

8.30am to 5.00pm

Engine work and re-build's:

Blast Cleaning of engine casing and metal parts

Engine re-building and motorcycle tuning

Crankshafts, re-bores, polishing

Aluminium welding

Race preparation:

Engine and chassis preparation

Replica race-frames


Full motorcycle restoration projects

Callus now to find out more...

Restoration, Cafe Racer or Race engine?

The Motorcycle Works can convert your bike to a Cafe racer, or build you one from scratch. 

Classic bike building and restoration is a speciality of ours,  We can restore vintage, classic or post-classic bikes and offer anything from getting one up and running and road legal for you, to partial or full restoration of your classic bike. We will also look at finishing that project you've had sat in your shed for ten years!

We have a wide network of spares suppliers for classic machinery and can locate new, new old stock or second-hand parts, or fabricate parts from scratch for older bikes, or where none are available.

If it's grubby or shabby we can clean it. We handle blast cleaning, polishing, painting and powder coating of classic bike parts and engine parts.

If it's cracked or broken we can probably weld it. We undertake metal, alloy and plastic welding as well as thread recovery and repairs.

Race engine preparation is another speciality of ours.  We have built and tuned many race engines over the years and work on two stroke and four stroke engines, both classic and modern, so give us a call and see if we can help.